COVID-19 In Belarus: 57,333 Infected, Daily Increase Is 676 Cases

As of 19 June, 57,333 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Belarus, the Healthcare Ministry reports. The daily increase of new infections is 676 cases.

35,275 patients recovered and were discharged from hospitals (+1,252 in the 24 hours). 337 coronavirus patients (+6 in the 24 hours) have died since the outbreak. Belarus has conducted 821,887 tests (+21,452 in the 24 hours).

The percentage of positive test results is 3,5%. Lithuanian professor Saulius Čaplinskas believes that the country is starting to cope with the epidemic, when the percentage of positive test results is 3% per day or less.

Earlier Dr. Catherine Smallwood, a senior emergencies officer of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, said that PCR diagnostics is considered to be the gold standard in diagnosis of COVID-19. At the same time, she didn’t comment on the efficiency of diagnostic antibody tests.

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Irina Glinskaya, the Deputy Chief Physician of Belarus’ National Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health, stressed that the heat wave will not lead to a sharp decrease in the incidence of coronavirus.

It is still recommended that people wear masks and even glasses to reduce the risk of catching the infection. Batyr Berdyklychev, the WHO representative in Belarus, noted that “Belarus is still at the stage of local transmission of the virus, that is, this is a rather serious situation.”

Meanwhile, the WHO updated its recommendations on wearing protective masks. Also, it still urges to follow preventive measures, such as respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, physical distancing etc.