COVID-19 In Belarus: 74,360 Infected, 187 New Cases In 24 Hours

As of 14 September, 74,360 people were registered with a positive test for COVID-19 in Belarus, such data are provided by the Healthcare Ministry.

Over the past day, 187 new cases of COVID-19 have been registered. The total number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the epidemic was 74,360. Throughout the entire period of the spread of infection, total of 756 COVID-19 patients suffering from a number of chronic diseases have died in Belarus (+6 per day).

belarus covid-19 infected recovered deaths

72,609 patients who had previously been diagnosed with COVID-19 recovered and were discharged. This is 25 more people than the day before. A total of 1 million 661, 933 tests were conducted in Belarus, the Healthcare Ministry specified.

In an interview to the ONT TV channel, former Healthcare Minsiter Vladimir Karanik expressed his thoughts on the second wave of coronavirus in Belarus. In his opinion, it will be smaller in scale. The official reiterated that the tactics chosen by the Belarusian authorities to combat the coronavirus was correct.

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“Now even our opposition sites agree with this, even the WHO admits that the Swedish experience turned out to be the most rational. I understand that many are not yet ready to admit that Belarus has chosen the right path. But we have said from the very beginning that quarantine has not proven its effectiveness,” he said.

With regard to the second wave of COVID-19, Vladimir Karanik said that he expects it to be smaller in scale. “We expect it to be smaller, an immune layer has formed in society and there are a lot of people who are especially susceptible to this virus, they have already recovered, and they already have immunity,” he said.

Recall that Karanik has been recently appointed governor of the Grodno region.