COVID-19 Update: 6,264 Cases In Belarus, 3,000+ In Minsk Alone

As of 20 April, there are 6,264 cases of coronavirus infection in Belarus since the outbreak. The latest statistics was made public by the telegram channel of the Healthcare Ministry.

There are 185 registered cases of coronavirus in the Brest oblast, 1,504 in Vitebsk oblast, 322 in Gomel oblast, 176 in Grodno oblast, 789 in Minsk oblast, 265 in Mogilev oblast and 3,023 cases in Minsk.

As of the morning of 18 April, Belarus registered 518 new cases, as of the morning of 19 April – 510 cases, and 457 cases in the last 24 hours. A total of 514 people recovered and were discharged from hospital, 92 patients are put on a ventilator and 51 died.

Since early February, Belarus has carried out 102,556 coronavirus tests. This week the country will start supplying express-test kits for the virus to hospitals and polyclinics.

Lab specialists of the scientific-practical research centers and centers for hygiene, epidemiology, and public health as well as private medical centers are working round the clock.

Experts mostly register not imported cases, that is the virus is transmitted from person to person within the country. The peak incidence is expected in late April-early May, while the trend of registering 300-400 cases a day will last another for two-three weeks.

The WHO advises Belarus to postpone public events, introduce physical distancing and distance learning, create opportunities for remote work and reduce the movement for the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

The Orthodox Church urged the parishioners to stay at home and not to visit churches on holidays, and cemeteries on Radunitsa.