COVID-19 In Belarus: More People Recovered Than Got Infected In One Day

Belarus has recorded its lowest daily increase of COVID-19 cases. As of 3 June, 45,116  COVID-19 cases have been registered in Belarus (+861 in the past 24 hours), the Healthcare Ministry reports

So far, 20,117 patients recovered and were discharged from hospitals (+976 in the 24 hours). 248 coronavirus patients (+5 in the 24 hours) have died since the outbreak. For the first time, the number of fully recovered coronavirus patients (976) was higher than those infected (861 new cases).

According to a new order of the Healthcare Ministry, the patients with a mild form of the desease and asymptomatic have their sick leave ended 21 days after contact with a sick person (without a negative test result). Belarus has performed 573,699 tests (+10,754 in the 24 hours).

Thus, 8% of all the tests showed positive results for COVID-19 (on 2 May the indicator was 8,9% and on 1 May it was 6,9%). Lithuanian professor Saulius Čaplinskas believes that the country is starting to cope with the epidemic, when the percentage of positive test results is 3% per day or less.

The number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases:

the average number over the past 7 days, new cases

belarus covid-19 infected recovered deaths

Sources: Johns Hopkins University, the Belarusian Healthcare Ministry


Belarus is in the top 10 countries by the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people. Local health authorities expect steady reduction in COVID-19 cases in late May-early June. Belarusian scientists believe that the total number of cases in the country can reach 56,000 people.

Belarus has reportely passed the middle of the epidemic on 15 May, when the number of cases reached 50% of the predicted total. A decrease in the incidence rate to 100 new cases per day may start on 20 July.

COVID-19 in Belarus: infected, recovered and deaths

belarus covid-19 infected recovered deaths

Sources: TUT.BY. Johns Hopkins University, the Belarusian Healthcare Ministry

The WHO experts pointed out the need to strengthen measures of physical distancing at individual, community and national levels in Belarus and gave a list of recommendations. The recommendations of the Healthcare Ministry also remain the same: social distancing, remote work and wearing masks.

Source: TUT.BY