COVID-19 In Belarus: 4,214 Infected, 65 Put On Ventilator, 40 Dead

There are 4,204 cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in Belarus since the outbreak, the Healthcare Ministry reports.

As of 16 April, 65 patients are put on a ventilator and 40 died. Recall that as of 15 April, 3,721 people have tested positive for coronavirus and 36 died.

That is, the daily increase of coronavirus cases in the country is 476 people. The Healthcare Ministry connects the increase in the number of cases with the increase of the number of carried out tests.

So far 24 laboratories carried out 81,246 COVID-19 tests. According to Deputy Healthcare Minister Yelena Bogdan, the trend of registering 300-400 cases a day will last another for two-three weeks.

Experts mostly register not imported cases, that is the virus is transmitted from person to person within the country. The peak incidence is expected in late April-early May.

The WHO advises Belarus to postpone public events, introduce physical distancing and distance learning, create opportunities for remote work and reduce the movement for the elderly and people with chronic diseases