PHOTOS: More Countries Hold Solidarity Actions With Detained Belarusians

Rallies for fair elections and against political repression in Belarus have been held for more than a week in different parts of the world. Solidarity rallies took place in London, Barcelona, ​​Wroclaw, Brussels, Copenhagen and many other cities. People usually gather at the Belarusian diplomatic institutions to express their support.

Barcelona, Spain

London, the UK

Wrocław, Białystok and Warsaw, Poland

Copenhagen, Denmark



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Brussels, Belgium

Amsterdam and the Hague, the Netherlands

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Stockholm, Sweden

Bratislava, Slovakia

Paris, France

Hamburg and Bremen, Germany

Austin, the U.S.

Izmir, Turkey

Bali, Indonesia

Earlier people gather in Kyiv, Berlin, Vilnius, Hamburg, Warsaw, Moscow, Mannheim, New York and other cities.

Source: TUT.BY