Coordination Council On Power Transition In Belarus Holds Its First Meeting

The first meeting of the Coordination Council created by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya took place in Minsk, at which the resolution was adopted. The Council tried to contact the Presidential Administration, but so far there has been no response.

The сoordination сouncil elected its leadership: Nobel Laureate Svetlana Aleksievich, ex-minister Pavel Latushko, lawyers Lilia Vlasova and Maxim Znak, MTZ workers representative Sergey Dylevsky, Tikhanoskaya’s trustee Olga Kovalkova, representative of the joint headquarters Maria Kolesnikova.

Coordination Council belarus election 2020

It also adopted a resolution demanding an end to the violence, the release of all political prisoners, and the invalidation of the presidential election. At the meeting, Pavel Latushko noted that the сouncil saw the reaction of the EU and Russia to the elections in Belarus.

However, he said, it would be perfect if the negotiations on the transit of power take place only between society and the government of Belarus without the intervention of external forces. Also, the members of the сouncil consider that the authorities may not agree to have a dialogue.

The main goal of the сouncil is to arrange”the transfer of power and ensure consensus in society” by legal methods only. Maria Kolesnikova noted that the сouncil does not plan to change the constitutional system and foreign policy of the state.

She also said that it supports people who express their opinion by taking part peaceful protests.

Recall that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya initiated the creation of the council to establish a dialogue with the authorities and ensure the transfer of power. It included representatives of civil society, cultural figures, doctors, politicians, lawyers, economists, and teachers.

Alexander Lukashenko described the actions of the Council as an attempt to seize power, and promised to punish all those involved.

Source: TUT.BY