Another Coordination Council Member Detained, His Apartment Searched

Member of the Coordination Council Maxim Znak is not available, he wrote to his colleagues that someone had come to Viktor Babariko’s headquarters, where he was, and then added the word “masks”.

“At 8.30 am, Maxim was supposed to have an interview, he joined Zoom conference, I called him, he uttered ‘it looks like someone came to us’ and then wrote the word ‘masks’. Now he is not available,” Gleb Glebov, the press secretary of Babariko’s team, told TUT.BY.

Coordination Council Maxim Znak detention searches

Eyewitnesses managed to take photos of masked people next to Maxim Znak in the parking lot at the headquarters. Znak’s lawyer Dmitry Laevsky told TUT.BY that the Investigative Committee is in charge of the case.

“The Investigative Committee is conducting legal proceedings, the reasons are unknown. They are now planning to search Maksim Znak’s apartment,” said Dmitry Laevsky. Later, the lawyer clarified that the procedural actions are being carried out within a criminal case against the Coordination Council “for calls to action aimed at causing harm to the national security of the Republic of Belarus.”

Previously, Maxim Znak was a witness in this case, his current legal status is unknown. As a TUT.BY correspondent reports from the scene, the press is not allowed into the headquarters, but there are people in the room who, apparently, are breaking something.

Coordination Council Maxim Znak detention searches

Maxim Bogretsov came to the headquarters, but he also has no information, except for the assumption that Maxim Znak was taken to the headquarters from home. There are several minibuses with tinted windows in the parking lot near the headquarters, one of them without licence plate numbers.

Later, employees of the Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to the call after someon pressed the “panic button” at the headquarters. They are trying to find out what investigative actions are being carried out at the headquarters.

Coordination Council Maxim Znak detention searches

Nothing is explained to them, the press is still not allowed into the headquarters. After some time, the employees of the Security Department left the building. The house of Maxim Znak is currently being searched, a lawyer is present in the apartment.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene in cars without license plate numbers. According to unconfirmed information, a search is also taking place in the apartment of Maria Kolesnikova’s lawyer Ilya Saley.

At about 11.45 am plainclothesmen put Maksim Znak in a car and drove away in an unknown direction. Znak is one of the two members of the Coordination Council presidium who remained at large in Belarus. Five out of seven members of the Coordination Council were either detained or forcibly taken abroad.

Source: TUT.BY