Minsk Metro Passengers Can Now Pay Trips By Contactless Bank Cards At Gate

Passengers can now use Visa contactless cards to pay trips directly at the gate, Minsk metro announced.

The metro has started testing a new method of payment on 19 September.

At present there is only one gate with the new technology for Visa payWave cards. Speaking of other payment systems, the officials expressed intention to test MasterCard for metro payments in December.

It is located in Plošča Lienina station at the entrance from Stolitsa shopping mall.

contactless cards minsk metro

To pay for a trip, a passenger needs to press a contactless card of any bank of any country to the validator panel.

The system will retrieve 60 kopecks, and the gate will open.

A smartphone and a smartwatch with NFC-technology can be used instead of a card.

contactless cards minsk metro

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The gate will still accept tokens and travel cards.

The metro hopes passengers, especially tourists, will find the new option useful.

Source and photo: TUT.BY