Minsk Launches Contactless Bank Card Ticketing System. What Are The Nuances?

Starting Thursday, 23 May, Minskers and guests of the capital will be able to pay for land transport trips with contactless bank cards.

First lucky testers are the passengers of the tram route No. 6 Serebryanka-Zeleny Lug. They will be able to pay for their trips via a contactless credit card or smartphone.

misnk public transport contactless bank cardsThe system will work in a test mode for some time. The new payment system is expected to appear in all means of public transport in the near future. This is how it will work:

When will I be able to pay with a contactless card in a tram?

The system will start working on 23 May, that is, this Thursday.

What ground transport will have a new payment system?

The system will work in test mode in all 30 trams of route 6 Serebryanka-Zeleny Lug. If the pilot project is successful, all ground public transport in Minsk will have it.

What bank cards can I use to pay for a trip by tram?

A contactless card of any bank will do. The service supports payment with Visa, Mastercard and Belcard cards.

Besides, key chains, watches, smartphones and other devices with NFC technology tied to bank cards will support it.

How to pay for a trip by contactless bank card?

The process is simple. The passenger needs to hold a card to the validator (the device that writes off trips from usual travel cards) and wait for the beep sound and text message about payment.

The cost of one trip equals the cost of an ordinary paper ticket – 60 kopecks. With one credit card, a passenger can pay for himself and 4 fellow travelers. After paying for the 5th trip, the card is blocked until the final stop of the route.

How will trip fees be charged?

Within 48 hours for 1-3 trips in a single payment. If there are 3 trips in a day or less, the payment will be written off after the third one.

Can I pay for travel without taking a card from my bag or wallet?

No, you can’t. One must get and apply the card one wants to pay with to the validator, whether it is a travel card or a bank card.

Otherwise, there may be problems with payment. If you bring a wallet with several cards, the money will be written off from the one the validator will recognize first.

 Can the validator accidentally write off the payment?

No, it can’t. The system works similarly to contactless terminals. The operation of the system starts at a distance of 3 centimeters and closer. So if one just passes by with a contactless card, the payment won’t occur.

What will happen if I use a card with no funds?

The operation is only possible if there’s money in the account. The system works this way: when the passenger puts the card to the validator for the first time, the system remembers this.

When 48 hours from the moment of the first trip expire (or if there are 3 trips in less than 48 hours), the system charges a fee for the number of trips that the passenger made.

If the card didn’t respond, the system includes it in the stop list blocking it for using the service. That is, the passenger can’t pay for the trips with the card and the next charge will be in 48 hours.

When money reappear on the account and the operation takes place, the system will remove the card from the stop list but it may take a few days.

The system should exclude the card from the stop list of all validators. At this time, the passenger will have to use tickets or travel cards.

Will ticket inspectors check the payment and how?

Yes, tickets an inspector will check payments by a special reader collecting information from all the validators. Then the passenger applies the card to the reader, and it shows whether the trip is paid in this particular tram or not.

Is it possible to track the history of trips paid by the card?

Yes, it’s possible. One can see the history of trips and expenses in the passenger’s personal account on the paybycard.by website.

There one can check the status of a bank card, get an electronic card check and see the trips paid by the card in the metro.

Source: TUT.BY