Confusion And Long Queues In Minsk Airport As New Rules Take Effort

New regulations in Minsk National Airpot has led to confusion and long queues, several passengers reported TUT.BY.

“People are late for flights, jump queues and are ready to fight.”

Minsk Airport

They particularly complain about the changes in the work of check-in desks, which now register passengers for different directions.

“I am at the National Airport Minsk and observe chaos and mayhem. After the changes, people are all jumbled up in queues at 10 check-in desks, some of them close for a technical break.

People are late for flights, jump queues and are ready to fight. It’s 8 am, people have been standing in line from 6 am,” Maria, who flew from Minsk this morning, said.

This morning there was an ugly organization at the airport,” said another digruntled passenger.

“Passengers of all flights were sent to the same check-in desks all mixed up, only ten out of more than thirty worked.

Counters were periodically closed as the registrars left for the landing, none controlled the situation. Passengers had to look for other airport employees who would register them.”

There were similar complaints from passengers last week.

“If earlier there were two or three counters for one flight, now there are three or four flights registered at the same desk, which take off at about the same time.

Several cities are displayed above the registration desks on the electronic scoreboard, this leads to long queues.”

The changes are the initiative of the airport and concern the flights of Belavia Belarusian Airlines, for which the National Airport Minsk is the base airport.

The press service of the airport commented on the situation: “There are no changes. At the moment (as of 11.00 am) the airport is operating in normal mode, there are no queues.”