Cinema Food Festival Starts In Minsk. Try Exquisite Dishes In 21 Top Cafes

Belarusians (as well as many other nations) love good food and movies. Why not combine these two passions?

Foodies, rejoice!

This is exactly what is going to happen on March 27 and will last till 17 April, as a new gastronomic festival starts in Minsk.

20 bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes and one cinema will treat their guests with exquisite dishes that were inspired by iconic movies.

A hearty food set will cost you 24 Belarusian rubles (12$). Rather generous offer for a chance to try a food from you favourit films, agree?


«Sex and the City»

You don’t have to go all the way to the Big Apple to have a traditional Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha lunch.

Just try sophisticated tapas, mousse of yogurt and beetroot with pickled salmon, salad with orange, cauliflower and pumpkin iceberg at Feelini.

Rice noodles with chicken, sauce and wok vegetables is sevred as as a main dish.

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Meanwhile, blueberry muffin with cheese cream and jelly will satisfy your sugar cravings.

Where: 36, Internatsionalnaya street


Are you a fan of Harry Potter movies, this set is 100% your choice!

Be ready to try a delicious wizard Butterbeer, corn with bacon chips, a pie and juicy roast beef.

To satify your sweet cravings you will be offered three options – a golden snitch, magic wand and a lemon pie.

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What is even more pleasant is that you can have them all!

Where: 9, Melnikayte street

Falcon Club Cinema Boutique

«Memoirs of a Geisha» food set. What is to expect?

Sunomoto salad, tamago (Japanese omelet), syake nigiri, gohan rice and salmon in teriyaki sauce with black sesame.

Feel like you green tea ice cream will be servered for a dessert.

Where: 20, Pobediteley Avenue

Pinky Bandinsky

«Ratatouille» food set

Provençal chickpeas appetizer, 6 omelettes cake, classic Marseilles fish soup, wine beef stew with vegetables.

Canapes: chicken parfait, estragon oil, caramelized onions; beef tartare, cream-Parmesan and Salade niçoise.

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French caramel pudding won’t leave even the most picky sweet tooth indifferent.

Where: 13A, Komsomolskaya street



The cafe offers classic French onion soup, salade niçoise with dorado and salmon tartar, mussels in creamy-wine sauce and raspberry cream-brule.

Where: 5, Svobody

To choose a winner leave a review on the food set or place you liked the most on the official website of the event.

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We advise you to book tables in advance as the event is usually very popular. Find all the participants of the festival and all sets here.

Gastrofest is a series of food festivals to introduce Minsk residents and its guests to the top kitchens and chefs of local restaurants.