Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. 5 Christmas Markets And Fairs To Visit In Minsk

Unique gifts, artisan crafts and local produce in abundance! Ditch department stores and wrap up all your Christmas shopping at Minsk festive markets and fairs.

Where in Minsk to try coffee punch or snails, cone jam and dranik-burgers? All the answers are in our detailed guide 👇

Metelitsa Fair

When: daily until 1 January 12 am − 10 pm; on New Year’s Eve until 4 am

Where: vulica Viery Charužaj, 8 

Price: free

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No need to go to Prague, Warsaw or Lviv anymore! Go to Komarovka instead. An alley of 24 winter houses, a Christmas tree, retro lights, New Year movies and kids’ zones transformed a square near the market into a winter wonderland. And a lot of fooood – hot dogs for 5 rubles, coffee punch for the same price, cone jam, gingerbread cookies, apple cheese, spice and many more.

With stalls selling unique handmade crafts, foods and gifts, you’re bound to find something just right for someone you know!

Art Arena

When: until 15 January, 12 am − 11 pm; on New Year’s Eve until 5 am

Where: vulica Kaĺvaryjskaja 21

Price: free

christmas fairs belarus minsk

A European-style fair with a festive food court, souvenir shops and a large screen for film screenings opened in the courtyard of the former factory floors. Under a large tent and glowing garlands, there is a designer tree, 25 stalls selling souvenirs and street food. One won’t shawarma here, but mulled wine and grog are at your disposal.

While adults do shopping, kids can have fun riding a colourful carousel to Christmas carols.


When: until 29  December, 12 am − 9 pm

Where: vulica Kujbyšava, 45 

Price: free

christmas fairs belarus minsk

Popular with Minsk residents, Pesochnitsa will be open for only five days this year. In addition to the Christmas tree, several heated tents were installed; an exhibition of samovars and ice figures, as well as a fair with gifts and treats, will make you spend an hour or so here. Every day – entertainment shows, music and lots of food stalls serving 7 BYN food sets, tea and coffee, mulled wine and cocktails.

Kastryčnickaja Płošča Fair

When: until 7 January from 12 am to 11 pm, 8-15 January from 12 am to 8 pm; on New Year’s Eve until 4 am

Where: Kastryčnickaja Płošča 1

Price: free

christmas fairs belarus minsk

12 pavilions resembling bee honeycombs with lights will meet at the city’s central square. Unlike other fair pavilions, these are closed, five people are hardly accommodated in them. There are no tables or awnings outside, so if you hate eating alone – drop in a honeycomb for a sandwich with red caviar (BYN 2) a mushroom hodgepodge (BYN 2.5 rubles) or hot drinks.

There’s also plenty of stalls selling decorations, wreaths, food and drink, art and crafts and a great variety of gifts including homewares and clothing.

Kaladny Kirmash

When: until 15  January 15, Mon-Fri: 2 pm – 11 pm, Sat-Sun: 12 am – 11 pm; on New Year’s Eve  until 4 am

Where: Praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 4

Price: free

The banks of the River Svislach near the Sports Palace are home to 35 wooden houses, tables on the street and barrels. Enjoy a weekend full of mince pies, mulled wine and browse your way through over local food and craft stalls. In addition to shawarma, hot dogs, kebabs and dranik-burgers, there are exotic stuffed snails (BYN 5 for 3 pieces) and a roll with Viennese sausage (BYN 4).

Merry Christmas, don’t forget we have two of them to celebrate, and Happy New Year!

Source: TUT.BY