Chinese Students Tell What They Can’t Stand In Minsk

The Chinese students shared the most surprising and unbearable things for them in Minsk, the newspaper “Belarus Today” reports.

Severe weather, bizarre food and expensive Chinese clothes!

More than 100 students from China who live and study in Minsk took part in the opinion poll on the things they find annoying in Minsk.

Boiled potatoes

“Boiled potatoes? How can you eat this? Without sauce or something spicy… “– asks Fu Xueyin, who speaks fluent Russian and already teaches her native language to the BSU students.

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“Just try it with a herring,” – advises one of the Belarusians immediately evoking unpleasent memories of those foreigners who dared to taste this dish at least once in their life.

Adults eat sweets

“We believe that sweets are only for children. We were shocked when saw your men eating candies and chocolate.

Or white and pink marshmallow! It’s so funny! Why would they eat it? We usually give sweets to children to stop them crying.

In our country we have very small candies. Bitter chocolate is an especially rare thing.

We do not understand: it is not tasty, why does it even exist? “– says Fu Xueyin.

High-quality but dull footwear

“Belarusian shoes are of very high quality but it’s hard to find something beautiful. Also, colours are often black or brown.

In China we have bright footwear with ornaments, but, unfortunately, it can be of poor-quality and quickly falls apart.

Well,  at least I won’t get bored with it! “– says one of the meeting participants.

Expensive Chinese goods

The Chinese are especially offended when they see “made in China” branded clothes with a high price tag next to them.

However, they admit that more new shopping centers that offer a wide range of goods keep opening. But the prices still leave much to be desired!

Minsk is boring

“The majority of Chinese students prefer sitting at their dormitories as they believe that Minsk is boring.

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There are too many drunk people in bars. And the way how young men and women interact sometimes raise eyebrows, “– says  Zhou Ying.

Belarusian “tolerance”

Surprisingly but the Asian appearance can become a problem too.

Despite the fact that Belarusians are generally considered tolerant, there were incidents when “I do not sell to the Chinese! ” were heard by some foreign students.


Bilingualism in Belarus is some kind of a riddle.

It took half a year for some Chinese students to realize that Oktyabrskaya and Kastrychnitskaya is the same metro station.

They also admit that the Belarusian language is easier for them to learn. It’s much easier to say “Dziakui!” than “Spasibo!” or “Sa svyatam!” instead of “S prazdnikom!”.

Lack of technologies

“In China you can’t imagine a beggar asking for a penny on the street without a QR code on his chest. This is an ordinary situation.

One will see the same code on the bride’s wedding dress or on the groom’s costume.

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The same system works at the markets, actually, everywhere.

Needless to say, how it is difficult for people from this world to get used to our service,” the SB reports.

Source: Soviet Belorussiya