PHOTO: Chinese Language Appears In Belarusian ATMs

Belarusbank has added Chinese to the language menu in its ATMs.

Previously, clients were able to choose from Belarusian, Russian and English.

The Chinese vector is the dominant area of activity for Belarusbank, the bank’s press service said.

Every third U.S. dollar leveraged by the bank to finance projects in the country came from the Chinese investors.

“This addition to the interface, among other things, will help expand the bank’s cooperation with Chinese companies operating in our country, strengthen business and cultural contacts between Belarus and China,” Belarusbank explained.

The largest commercial bank in Belarus believes that the change will help Chinese guests to feel more comfortable.

The information in Chinese has recently appeared at Minsk airport, which added it to signs in Russian and English.

chinese language minsk airport

The airport’s spokesman explained the novelty by the surge in the number of tourists from China.

“These are not only transit passengers but tourists who come to visit Belarus,” the spokesperson said.

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