Child Doodles In Passport, Dad Gets Stuck At Ukraine Border

Every parent knows that child drawings are always sincere, bright, imaginative and… appear at the most unexpected places.

See  for yourself!

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This is exactly what happened to a man from Kalinkovichi who was not allowed to enter Ukraine because of his child’s drawings.

The border officials at the checkpoint Novaya Rudnya detained the 36-year-old after he presented his passport with nice pictures of people, nature and house. Classic.

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The father admitted that the authorities had already asked him to replace the document but he decided to take the risk.

According to the officials who failed to be impressed by the child artistic skills, such incidents are rare but happen.

“This is defacement of the the document,” explained Anton Bychkovsky, the official representative of the State Border Committee.

Despite the document integrity no one will be able to cross the border if there are any drawings. Yes, even cute ones!

Recall that Belarusian paper passports will be replaced with plastic ID-cards starting 1 July, 2018.

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Biometric passports will allow Belarusians to pass border control faster. Meanwhile, an ID-card will serve as an internal document and allow to make payments among other functions.

The ID-card will cost one basic amount (23 Belarusian rubles as of 22 September, 2017 – note BF). The biometric passport will cost about €30.