Chernobyl NPP Invites Tourists! Walk Around Power Units And Have Dinner At Local Canteen

Who could have thought that the site of the worst nuclear accident in history will be a new tourist attraction? But here we are and now the Chernobyl NPP offers tours to its power units, new Sarcophagus and even allows to feed huge local fish.

The tours are not for the faint-hearted!

The tourists are now invited to inspect Reactor 4 that exploded 32 years ago, see a reactor control panel and the New Safe Confinement.

The full day trip starts with the famous “golden corridor”, which passes through all power units, and a hassle-free excursion to the memorial.

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Here a professional guide will tell you about the first victims of 1986 and how the consequences of the worst nuclear accident that the world has ever seen.

Those who get hungry during the trip are offered a dinner with the station’s employees “according to the standards of curative and preventive nutrition”.

As a bonus the visitors will be able to feed huge 3 meter long local catfish at the plant’s cooling pond.

The excursion is one of the ways to tell the world what the staff is doing right now and how safe the situation is on the site.

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As for protection measures, visitors are given special clothing and respiratory protection.

A certificate of the radiation dose received will be a reminder of your trip to the Chernobyl NPP and your unique experience.

The Chernobyl disaster had an enormous impact on Belarus, affecting at least 7 million people.

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About 70% of the radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster landed in Belarus, heavily contaminating one-fourth of the country.

More than 2,000 towns and villages were evacuated, and about a half-million people have been relocated since 1986.

Photos: TUT.BY