CCTV Video Reveals What Happened At Minsk Hero City Obelisk On 9 August

At the disposal of Euroradio was a footage from external surveillance cameras on the first night of protests in Minsk. It shows how protesters and security forces interacted with each other.

As reported, the video was sent to Euroradio by a listener. The video was reportedly posted in the closed account of a law enforcer on the VKontakte social network with a caption stating that the protests were not peaceful. The footage allegedely shows the events that took place near Minsk-Hero City Obelisk at around 11 pm on 9 August, 2020. There is no sound in the video.

In an eight-minute footage, one can see how a crowd of several hundred protesters approaches the cordon of police officers – there are only about 20-25 of them in this area. At the very beginning, one of the protesters, apparently, is lighting a flare. As the crowd approaches, the police gradually retreat to a bus and a van parked nearby.

Another large group of people approaches the scene, but none of them is aggresive and openly confront the security forces, who are obviously fewer in numbers. Closer to the second minute, the recording shows how one of law enforcers walks behind the paddy wagon, and a man in civilian clothes quickly emerges from there. A law enforcer, apparently, gives him some object, a man in civilian clothes makes a throw into a crowd of people – and a flash grenade explodes. After that, one can see how someone is trying to throw a metal flowerpot in the direction of the security forces.

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The crowd retreats, soon another grenade flies into it, after which an object that looks like a flare flies from the other side of the street to the middle of the intersection towards the security forces [it did not reach the cordon – Ed]. A minute later, the third grenade explodes. Part of the crowd is running away, and a group of protesters is again approaching the security forces. Some of them come close to the policemen and, apparently, are talking to them. After a while, this group simply leaves towards the main entrance to Victory Park, joining a large crowd of protesters on Pobediteley Avenue.

Source: TUT.BY