Car Crashes At Full Speed Into Metro Underpass In Minsk (Photos, Video)

Mazda car was filmed crashing into a metro corridor at Akademija Navuk station late in the evening on Saturday, 15 September.

No one was injuried.

“The vehicle is relatively intact, it drove down all flights of stairs of the metro station.

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Emergency personnel are dealing with it, looks like the ambulance has arrived,” the eyewitness said TUT.BY.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injuried – there were no people on the sidewalk, stairs and underpass.

Shortly afterwards, a video from CCTV cameras at Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci showing the details of the accident emerged.

Police officers commented on the accident. The man was driving a car in a state of intoxication and without a driver’s license.

He breezed right through a red light, collided with Lada Vesta and careened off into the underground passage of the metro station.

The driver of Mazda was detained and taken to the Soviet police department, where an administrative protocol was drawn up.

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It turned out that the law-breaker, whose name is not disclosed, was repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility for property crimes.

Source: TUT.BY