Wonderful Svislach River Canoe Route Developed In Minsk

Uncover your kayaks and canoes, guys. A new route on Svislach River that flows through Minsk was developed for those who want to explore the city in an unusual way.

For those who love adventure.

The route starts in the area of ​​Siamionova street and ends at one of the most picturesque locations in the city – at Lošyсki Park.

Besides admiring the views from the water, one will also have a chance to visit the ornithological trail “The City of Birds”.

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The length of the “Wonderful Svislach” route is 6 kilometers, its duration is 2.5 hours.

The presentation of the route is scheduled on 13 July, whereupon it will be open to everyone interested.

They say it’s better to book a canoe for 6-8 people – one of the most budget-friendly options.

For your information, the cost of the walk is BYN20, which is about $10 per person. What do you get in return?

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Long, uninterrupted stretches of paddling, with portages few and far-between, as well as serenity and unforgettable memories.

Recall that Minsk boasts another unique canoe Svislach route at Drazdy microdisctrict.

Source: belTA