Canada To Lift Economic Sanctions From Belarus On 12 July

The process of lifting Canadian sanctions from Belarus, that started more than a year ago, will end on 12 July, the website of the Government of Canada reported.

Belarus will be removed from the Area Control List (ACL). At present there are only two countries in it – Belarus and North Korea.

Removal of the country from ACL means that exporters will no longer require an export permit in order to lawfully deliver those items to Belarus.

Canada imposed economic sanctions against Belarus in December 2006. Ottawa explained its decision by the intention to put pressure on the Belarusian leadership because of human rights violations.

In May 2016 Canada announced that it would remove santions “in response to the recent positive events”. By this, the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs meant the constructive role of Minsk in resolving the conflict in Ukraine, peaceful presidential elections in October 2015 and the release of political prisoners.

This desicion followed the relevant steps taken by the United States and the European Union in October 2015.

Until recently, Canada was represented in Belarus by Charge d’Affaires. In December 2016 Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko received the credentials of the Ambassador of Canada to Belarus.

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Source: TUT.BY Photo: europeansanctions.com.