Cafe-Club For Women Victims Of Violence Will Open In Minsk

NORM cafe-club will soon appear in Belarus’ capital. Female victims of domestic violence will be able to work here.

Olga Gorbunova, the ex-head of the Radislava public association providing shelter for victims of violence for years, promises that the place will welcome everyone.

 domestic violence belarus

“This will be a socio-cultural space with a vegan cuisine and a bar. A place of employment for people who receive help in Radislava shelter. We want to create a place where girls and women will be able to realize their creative potential, we plan to employ older women as well,” says Olga Gorbunova.

 domestic violence belarus

The cafe-club will appear near the Akademija Navuk metro station on 2 Surganova street, 9 building. According to preliminary estimates, it will have from 40 to 100 seats and provide about 12 jobs.

“What kind work the women will be able to do here? Baristas, bartenders, waitresses, purchasing managers, sound specialists. When a woman moves to a shelter, she needs money very quickly.

If she doesn’t have a good education or has a disability, she can only think of low-paid, unskilled work.

Our project will provide a quick opportunity to prepare for the profession and find a job. It takes five days to learn the profession of barista. Not a year of study and not five years at the university.”

domestic violence belarus

For Belarus, such a project is a curiosity, but in other countries there are similar cafes for people from different vulnerable groups. There are such places in Prague, Lviv and Berlin.

50% of the cafe’s profits will be spent on constructing shelters for women and children affected by violence. The money will be spent on buying or building a house with 50 beds (there are 30 beds in the shelter now).

“We plan to do major repairs by women. We want to learn how to work with a grinder, a screwdriver –  to do what is traditionally considered a man’s job,” says Gorbunova.

They collect money for repairs at the Molamola site and are looking for investors. There will be plenty of vegan, healthy and home-made food.

“We will launch the project gradually, the first events will start in February-March. The cafe is likely to be launched in May. We plan to expand in the future: either we will turn to the network format and open such places in the regions, or someone will join us as a partner and support those looking for employment,” concludes the woman.

Source: TUT.BY