BYPOL: Belarusian Authorities Preparing Terrorist Attack On 25 March, Freedom Day

BYPOL, a telegram channel of former investigators and law enforcers, has issued a warning about the Belarusian authorities allegedly preparing a terrorist attack on Freedom Day, 25 March. Earlier, Minsk police called on Belarusians to refrain from participating in unauthorized actions in view of a high risk of provocations.

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The statement reads: “On the eve of one of the most anticipated events in Belarus – Freedom Day, BYPOL received information about the preparation of another crime against the Belarusian people by the regime, which will untie the hands of the dictator by declaring a state of emergency in the country. According to our sources, the credibility and degree of confidence which is beyond doubt, on 25 March, within the framework of a plan to discredit the protest movement and its complete elimination by the forces of the State Security Committee, a terrorist act is being prepared in one of the buildings of the internal affairs bodies.

The credibility of such a scenario, in addition to the information we received, is confirmed by the logic of the last steps of the regime: the statement made on 11 March 2021, about the readiness to wage a war inside the country. On 12 March 2021, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a secret request to the Minister of Defense on the involvement of the armed forces in the maintenance of public order on 25 March. And finally, charges brought against supporters of the national symbol of Belarus – a white-red-white flag, by Lukashenko during his visit to the Khatyn memorial complex on 21 March 2021.

With this publication, we are warning a group of people illegitimately holding power – we, as well as the international community, are fully aware of the plans for the upcoming provocation. At the same time, we appeal to civil servants and people in uniform: “Are you really ready to maim and kill Belarusians for the sake of preserving the power of one ruler who has gone out of his mind?”

We declare that no crime you commit will go unpunished. Addressing the Belarusians, we say that this information should not cancel our plans to celebrate Freedom Day. It must not instil fear in us and make us give up the determination to fight for our freedom. It’s just that in the coming days, we should be more careful and stay away from administrative buildings (especially buildings of internal affairs bodies), and also, if possible, avoid public transport services. Suspicious items should be immediately reported to the police!”

Mikhail Grib. Photo: ONT TV channel

On 23 March, Head of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee Mikhail Grib called on Belarusians to refrain from participating in unauthorized actions on 25 March. According to Grib, the provocateurs will aim to “destabilize the situation in the city of Minsk”, “initiate clashes between the protesters and police officers”.

He said that the police will take all necessary measures to ensure order. “Minsk police urges citizens to refrain from participating in unsanctioned actions. Under these conditions, the risk of provocations from the organizers and participants of these actions increases. Your personal safety may be at risk.” The head of the police recalled that the new Code of Administrative Offences came into force on 1 March and that the size of fines and the terms of administrative arrests were increased.

Recall that the Minsk City Executive Committee rejected the request of the organizers to celebrate Freedom Day. Its response contains several reasons for the refusal, one of them is that the route chosen by the organizers doesn’t comply with the requirements of the law.  In addition, the city authorities refer to the fact that the organizers have a contract only with an ambulance, but there is no agreement with the police and public utilities. Without these agreements, the city cannot agree on the event.