Lukashenko To Business: I Will Cut Down On Inspections And Attend Assembly Of Business Circles

The government is now working to reduce the number of inspections for businesses, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at a big press conference for the Belarusian and foreign media on 3 February. According to him, at present “inspectors visit business people a little too often”.

Alexander Lukashenko admitted there is a lot of criticism regarding the number of inspections small businesses face in Belarus. “But can you name at least one country without inspections?”, the head of state added.


Photo credit: president.gov.by

The president agreed that it is necessary to reduce the number of inspections.

“Most likely we will make a decision similar to the one regarding the preferences: we will abolish the inspections by the emergency ministry, police, hygienic service and others and leave only those that are necessary, without which we cannot do,” Alexander Lukashenko said

At the same time, more responsibility will be carried by business owners. We will toughen the laws with respect to responsibility of managers. Then neither the Emergencies Ministry nor hygienic service will be running around. It will be the head of the company who will be making every effort to make sure that everything goes well”, the head of state said.

Alexander Lukashenko suggested that new regulations might be submitted for public debate.

The president promised to attend the Assembly of Business Circles, that is expected to take place in Minsk on 1 March.

“If you invite me, I will attend the assembly”, Lukashenko told the Head of the Mises Center Yaroslav Romanchuk.

According to Romanchuk, this is an open platform where businessmen discuss problems and set goals for the future.