Brest Train To Start Regular Trips To Prague In December 2019

The first Czech trains arrived at the Brest railway station. Direct trains from Brest to Prague will start regular trips in December this year, Vecherniy Brest reports.

The new Brest-Prague train is expected to have regular service. While the Belarusian Railway doesn’t comment on it, the Polish Railways has already published a preliminary timetable.

From Brest, the train will depart at 7.11 am (hereinafter – local time), with intermediate stops at Warsaw (8.45 am) and Bohumin (1.20 pm), and arrive in Prague at 5.39 pm.

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In the opposite direction, it will depart from the Czech capital will depart at 10.23 am, from Bohumin at 2.40 pm, from Warsaw at 7.15 pm, and arrive in Brest at 0.37 am. The train will also include Moscow-Prague railcar trailer s running through Minsk.

The Polish Railways also reports that in the 2019/2020 timetable, the number of trains between Brest and Warsaw will increase to three pairs per day.

The Stephen Bathory train will carry passengers from Prague and Budapest to Moscow, while the Mickiewicz Brest-Warsaw train will have a connection with a train in Minsk.