BREAKING: Belarus Confirms First Coronavirus Case

A student of Belarusian National Technical University was diagnosed with coronavirus. This is Belarus’ first case of the infection so far.

The news was made public by Belarusian Healthcare Minister Vladimir Karanik on Friday, 28 February. The day before the Iranian student was diagnosed with the deadly virus.

The patient and those in contact with him were placed in private cubicles in the Minsk Infectious Diseases Hospital. Young man named Parsa is under medical surveillance, his condition is satisfactory.

On 22 February he came from Baku to Minsk and some time later was asked to come to Minsk Polyclinic No.33. He had the low-grade fever of 37.3° C and some redness in his throat.

“He was then taken to Minsk Hospital of Infectious Diseases where a swab test was done. The test came back positive. Now we are working to identify the strain of this virus,” Vladimir Karanik said.

The university where the coronavirus patient studies switched to the individual learning program. The students he had been in contact were hospitalized for medical examinations.

“We have immediately demonstrated openness and informed the public and the World Health Organization about it,” the minister stressed.

He also noted that “as of today, the situation is absolutely under control”. Health authorities are double checking the results of the tests to make sure that this is COVID-19.

“There is no need to shut down borders. Our task is to make sure all people arriving in Belarus undergo adequate medical screenings at the border checkpoints,” the official said.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko shares the position, he believes that there is no need to close borders because of the first case of coronavirus in Belarus.

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Source: TUT.BY