Bake And Taste Your Own Perfect Loaf At Belarusian Museum Of Bread

Bread is the staff of life. Secrets of its creation, the history of grains and bread-baking are just some things you will learn after visiting the Museum Of Bread in  Botvinovo, Chechersk district, Gomel region.

Not just for foodies!

The excursion to the museum is interactive, so one can not only learn something new but also take part in a series of master classes.

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Prepare for suprises and be ready to try yourself in sowing, harvesting, wheat grinding and baking your own bread in a wood stove.

The museum has different examples of bakery from the ancient times till the present days.

Here one can see special instruments, household items, forms for bakery and recipe-books’ collection showing the life and culture of the Belarusians.

An important part of the excursion is the bread tasting.

Besides, the dear guests are usually treated with tasty traditional potatoe dishes, entertained with songs and dances.

“We creates a museum to instill a love of working on earth in children.

Now no one knows where and how bread is made,” says Irina Nikishova, the director of the cultural and sports center and the owner of the Museum of Bread.

“We are always happy to recieve guests. We love to sing with them, let them play music instruments.

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So that they not only work, but also have some fun. We also teach them how to bake bread, what magic tricks to do so it was perfect.”

The Museum of Bread was opened in 2014. Some of the itmes there were collected by the workers, others were brough to them by locals.

Three years later it won in the “Promotion of local development in the Republic of Belarus” project, and received €25,000 funding from the EU for renovation.

Source: TUT.BY