Beyond Poverty. Number Of Belarusians Living On $50 Or Less Keeps Growing

According to official statistics, the number of Belarusians who live below the poverty line is decreasing. They monthly earn less than the *subsistence minimum budget.

In the first quarter of this year the subsistence minimum budget in Belarus is BYN 203.4 ($102,08)

At the same time, the number of those who have half of this amount (BYN 101.7 or $51,04) and less has grown.

Latest data

By the end of March, 9 million 484.300 people lived in Belarus.

In the first quarter of this year there were 559,600 people who lived under the poverty line – 5.9% of the population.

A year earlier there were 6%, or about 570,000 people. In general the number of the poor has declined.

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However, the number of those who have half of the minimum substinense level and less has increased.

In the first quarter of last year the number rose from 0.2% – about 19, 000 people –  to 0.3%.

This year it is about 28.500 people.

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Most of them (15,600 people) live in Gomel and in Mogilev (6.300 people).

Only in Minsk and Grodno there are no people living on less than half of subsistence minimum budget.

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The trade unions have repeatedly tried to drew attention to the problem of the needy.

According to the Federation of Trade Unions, in some parts of Belarus, the average salary doesn’t allow the population to make purchases and pay for services within the minimum consumer budget.

Among them are Sharkovshchina, Miory and Braslav regions.

Source: TUT.BY