Bet Looser Goes Out In Minsk In Dress And Nearly Escapes Arrest

Bets might be fun, even if you lose. But certainly NOT if you get arrested afterwards.

A guy from Minsk lost a bet to his brother. The two agreed that he would go out in the centre dressed in a dress as a punishment.

The unusual outfit – the young man borrowed a dress from his girl friend – caught the attention of street style photographers who were taking pics of passers-by for a popular website about city life.

The guy told them he works in IT and doesn’t particularly like shopping in Minsk.

“Shop assistants stare at me when I choose dresses”, he joked.

Journalists found it witty and interesting and the looser of the bet won himself a place in the article.

Apparently, he also attracted the interest of police.

After the photographers, the guy was approached by two law enforcement officers.

They asked if he was drunk or was taking part in any public demonstration (which are forbidden in Belarus unless sanctioned by authorities).

Luckily for the guy his adventure ended – he explained he had lost a bet and was set free.

So think twice if you decide to go out in a dress in Minsk!

Source: Citydog.by