Foreigners Share Their Best And Worst Impressions Of Belarus

Several weeks ago we asked our readers to share their best and worst experiences from Belarus.

People were willing to share and left 29 comments.

They wrote about border formalities, Belarusian character, nature, police, service, bribes and much more!

We’ve summed it all up and here’s what we got:

Many said they liked the people and nature most of all.

Foreigners described Belarusians as kind and open, but said it might take some time to get to it through “ice mask”.

People also praised good roads, that make travel comfortable.

What foreigners didn’t like were too many formalities and occasional rudeness of police. Some were also dissapointed with customer service (which we understand 100%).

There were answers with no negative points – travelers just loved everuthing!

But the cutest of all answers was this one:

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