History Lovers Reenact Berezina Battle With Napoleon For 205th Anniversary

A spectacular military and historical re-enactment of the Battle of Berezina near the village Studenka took place on Monday, 27 November. Exactly 205 years ago, the then-invincible Napoleon’s troops was surrounded by the Imperial Russian army and suffered a crushing defeat. 

“C’est la Bérézina!” The French say when they mean a complete defeat, loss or disater.

About 50,000 people from both sides lost their lives on the banks of the Berezina River in 1812.

Two centuries later military history lovers from Russia, Latvia, France, Poland, and Belgium gathered at the Brilevskoye Field to commemorate the anniversary of the famous battle.

Flamboyant 1812 era unifroms, a deafening roar of the artillery, intense fighting of heavy cavalry and infantry!

A fragment of the battle – the crossing of the Berezina River by Bonaparte army – was thoroughly restored in accordance with the army regulations and warcraft of those times.

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Besdies, this year’s edition is believed to be bigger and more elaborate than the previous ones.

“This is a powerful and beautiful event. In 2017, it marks the record-breaking number of visitors – over 400 people.

The re-enactment event provides an opportunity for people of different nations, ethnic groups, and countries to meet with each other and commemorate the victims of the war.

This is a reminder: it is better to re-enact and recall battles rather than make war for real,”  Viktor Sirenko, Deputy Minsk Oblast Governor commented on the event.

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Meanwhile, the spectators had an opportunity to know more about the War of 1812 at the museum of Ivan Kolodeyev, take part in various workshops and buy handcrafted souvenirs.

Source: belTA, TUT.BY