Our Own X-Factor. Iconic Reality TV Music Show Comes To Belarus

Belteleradiocompany has bought the franchise of American reality TV music competition show X-Factor.

The talks to bring one of the most popular music shows to the country have been going on for about three years.  Belarus’s neigbours in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have already being enjoying it for some time.


And now that’s finally happened. The state TV and radio broadcasting service has become the owner of the rights and the organizer of the X-Factor in Belarus. It has already announced the national casting.

Auditions will take place in Minsk and major cities, video applications are welcome too.  The purchase is seen as a way to kill two birds with one stone. First, it is to bring back Belarusians to local channels and open new talents, and second, to ditch the national selection for Eurovision.


Kattie, the winner from Belarus of the X-Factor in Latvia. Photo: skaties.lv

The franchise’ price is a trade secret. The X factors was created by British producer Simon Cowell and has been adapted in various countries. The X Factor of the title refers to the undefinable “something” that makes for star quality.

In addition to the publicity, the prize is usually a recording contract. Belarusians have already won this show in other countries. In 2018, Kattie became the winner of the Latvian version of the show. Yevgeny Litvinkovich and George Koldun became superfinalists of the X-Factor in Ukraine.