“Poses No Radiation Or Nuclear Hazard.” BelNPP Suspends Power Generation

Due to the need to replace equipment, the BelNPP has temporarily suspended power generation. However, this does not pose a radiation and nuclear hazard, Oleg Sobolev, a consultant to the State Atomic Inspection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus, told TASS. Later the Ministry of Energy of Belarus confirmed this information.

“BelNPP reported that the tests revealed the need to replace some equipment, which does not affect radiation and nuclear safety,” said Oleg Sobolev. According to Sobolev, the replacement of the equipment of the fourth safety class [not registered in the Gosatomnadzor for nuclear safety] is needed.

Photo: BelNPP press service

Later, the Ministry of Energy confirmed the fact of a temporary interruption in the supply of electricity from the BelNPP to the energy system, but stated that this is provided for by the Power Startup stage of the programe.

“At this stage of the program, modes of reducing the power of the turbine generator, down to zero, are envisaged for carrying out tests and necessary work, including fine-tuning and adjustment of equipment based on the results of the tests, which is ongoing. All technological systems of the BelNPP are operating nominally,” the message reads.

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On Monday, there were reports about a turbine shutdown at the first power unit of the nuclear power plant due to failure of voltage transformers. The termination of power generation was reported by BNS with reference to the Lithuanian transmission system operator Litgrid.

The same day the Ministry of Energy said that the Power Start-up stage continues at the NPP, which provides for the operation of the power unit at different levels of capacity (up to 500 MW) and verification of the stability of the energy system.

The tests reportedly revealed the need to replace individual electrotechnical measuring equipment. Today the BelNPP confirmed that power generation has been suspended and will resume after the replacement of certain equipment, Interfax-West reports.

Source: TUT.BY