Prelaunch Operations In Progress As BelNPP First Unit Begins Hot Trials

Prelaunch operations are in progress a the Belarusian nuclear power plant (BelNPP), as the first unit has started hot trials of the reactor unit, Rosatm reports.

This is the largest stage of commissioning works before the physical launch of the plant.

Hot trials are a technological process that simulates the operation of a power unit. The only difference is that fuel rod array imitators were placed inside the reactor instead of genuine fuel.

*ASE Company Vice President and supervisor of the BelNPP construction project Vitaly Polyanin said: “We are in the final stretch of preparing the reactor unit for the physical startup.

The next phase of the nuclear reactor physical launch plan is the commissioning of the main and auxiliary equipment of the primary and secondary circuits after the hot trials are over.”

During the hot trials specialists will check the functionality of the primary equipment of the reactor unit. They will test the primary and secondary circuits’ safeguards for their endurance to over-pressure.

The main circulation pumps will be tested using cold and hot parameters of the reactor unit. Besides, the power supply system will be tested power for supply interruptions, a complete power outage, and a maximum design-basis accident.

The launch of the first power-generating unit is scheduled for January 2020. Earlier it was planned that the first BelNPP unit will be set into operation in 2018. However, after the BelNPP reactor vessel incident, it was postponed.

BelNPP is being built 18 km away from Ostrovets and 50 km away from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Such location has caused numerous critical statements and even emergency drills at the neighbouring state.

*ASE Company is the general designer and general contractor in the project to build the Belarusian nuclear power plant. It also represents Rosatom’s engineering division.