Belavia’s Flight Attendant Shares Lunch With Passenger And Becomes Internet Star

Best flight attendant of the Belarusian airline found! Passengers are sharing good words about Yulii Kholod after one of Belavia’s passengers made a post in a social network last week.

On August 13 one of Belavia’s passengers shared a story about Yulii Kholod on Facebook. The man said that the flight attendant impressed him to the “bottom of his heart”.

“When he learnt that I am a vegetarian and I have no possibility to choose a menu on a regular flight, he came back after a minute and gave me a pack with vegetables saying: “It’s from the stuff’s menu, but I don’t feel like eating”.  He left before I could say something! I was shocked! That’s how one simple deed of a sincere person can set an example of selfless service!”, the passenger wrote.

Other people started recalling Yulii’s kindness in the comments. For example, he managed to get one person green tea and shared butter from his lunch with another passenger.

There were some less excited passengers who wrote: “It’s just a normal level of service. I hope that others will catch up.”

The flight attendant himself refrained from talking to the media and just noted that his colleagues did the same for passengers.

Yulii has worked in Belavia since 1986. During this time he used to work as a flight attendant, a senior flight attendant, an instructor and head of cabin crew service. Then, on his own initiative, the man returned to being a flight attendant.