Belavia Presents New Tank-Plane With ZUBR. See First Cool Photos

The Belarusian air carrier Belavia and Wargaming, the developer of the popular game World of Tanks, presented a unique branded airliner Embraer ERj — 195LR.

The new tank-plane arrived in Minsk at 12.12 pm on 12 December.

The plane was shown off on the runway earlier today at Minsk National Airport. This is the second joint project between Wargaming and Belavia.


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Unlike his brother Boeing 737-300 that got his new appearance two years ago, the new plane was branded from the inside too.

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It means passengers will be able to enjoy the tank-themed atmosphere and interior even if they enter the plane through a sleeve.

The aircraft was painted in black with bright orange patterns, plus a symbolic silhouette of a zubr was added on the fuselage.

Belavia reportedly bought the plane in 2014. It is designed for 107 passengers with 11 business class seats and 96 economy class seats.

Although the company representatives prefer to hold off on the price of the painting, they note that the prices start from $100,000. The plane was painted in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

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Recall that the first Belavia-Wargaming plane was painted in black, with the Belarusian ornament in orange and a white cornflower on the tail.


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The slogan on the side of the plane referred to World of Tanks as a “game of Belarus, played all over the world.”

Watch how the plane changed its colouring: