Belavia Starts Serving Food On ALL Flights – And It Looks Tasty! (PHOTOS)

Starting 5 January, the Belarusian air carrier has changed its in-flight menu. Food will now be offered on all flights, Belavia said.

The offer will depend on the lenght of the flight.

Passengers on flight lasting up to one and a half hour will be offered sandwiches, or meat/fish starters and vegetables. Drinks will include tea, coffee, water and juice.

The menu for longer flights will include hot meals (meat, fish, or poultry with a side dish) and tea, coffee, water and juice.


Food in economy class. Photo: Katya Mutlu/Facebook


Food in economy class. Photo: Helen Butkevich/Facebook

In business class, passengers will be able to choose from several types of hot meals – fish, including red fish, and hors d’oeuvres with caviar or shrimps, or meat with vegetables – and will be served alcohol.


Food in business class. Photo: Instagram

“Indeed, we had quite a modest food choice”Anatoly Gusarov, Belavia’s Diretor General, said.

“We decided to cut costs in other areas in order to provide better in-flight menu. And we have already seen that passengers are pleasantly surprised.”

The airline also conducted a poll among passengers (in Russian) to get their feedback on in-flight food.

Belavia said the change became possible due to the fall in price of fuel a few years ago. In addition, money was saved thanks to agreements about lower airport charges with some hubs.

The Belarusian air carrier assured that the return of in-flight food had not influenced ticket prices.