From €5 To €30. Belavia Starts Charging Passengers For Picking Seats

Want that window seat upfront in economy class? You’ll have to pay. The nation’s Belarvia Belarusian airlines have started charging its passengers for choosing seats.

Starting Thursday, 3 October, a preboarding seat assignment will be charged with a fee. Passengers will have to pay from €5 to €30 depending on where the seat is located.

For €5 euros one can choose a standard seat in the economy class, €10 euros will provide you with the seats at the beginning of the economy class cabin.

The seats located at the emergency exits with additional leg space will cost you €15. Those willing to sit in the front row right after the business class should be ready to pay € 20.

For the opportunity to choose a place in a business class one will have to pay €30. Mind that in this case, business class meals will not be provided.

The service is free and available for online check-in 24 hours before departure. Premium economy seats are available for free check-in at the airport three hours before departure.

Unsold seats will be available free of charge at the airport reception. Choosing a seat is not compulsory. A passenger can skip it and the cost of this service will not be included in the ticket.

The airline promises to make sure each child under the age of two shares a sit with a parent. Kids above the age of two receive a full ticket and a separate seat, thus seat selection fees will apply too.

The new service works in a test mode on flights to Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Ashgabat, Baku, Barcelona, Batumi, Yerevan, Geneva, Larnaca, London, Paris and Tbilisi.