Belavia Decides How Its New Uniform Will Look like

Belavia Arlines has selected the design of the new uniform for its staff.

The choice was made at a fashion show in Minsk on 19 October.

The show drew a final line to the contest launched 6 months ago.

Belavia announced open competition in March. Of the 28 drafts submitted, 15 were chosen for online voting at a popular Belarusian website.

Five designs that won the online voting got into the final and were transferred from paper to actual models.

On Thursday, 19 October, Belavia held a fashion show where a professional jury voted for the best design.

belavia new uniform

The winner concept was suggested by a young Belarusian brand MUA.

“It was a long and interesting process. We have worked out over 40 details, for example, shoes, cockades and others,” designer Daria Solovyova shared.

belavia new uniform


belavia new uniform

The company decided to test the uniforms “in practice”.

It did not invite professional models, but asked real pilots and flight attendants to strut down the runway.

“An important factor in the final decision was that the employees should feel comfortable in those clothes.

After all, comfort is primary for the uniform,” a member of the jury, PR manager Maria Vasilyeva said.

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Belavia said that choosing new uniform in such a way was a risk, but the company decided to take it.

“Today we’ve decided on the concept,” the chief of flight attendant Service Sergey Latushkin said.

“Some details may be modified and changed (for the final version – note BelarusFeed).”

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Belavia’s staff will change their look by the end of 2018.

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Source and photo: TUT.BY