Belavia Changes Baggage Allowance Limits, Says It Will Help Passengers Save Money

Belavia Belarusian airlines increased baggage allowance limits in business and economy class starting 29 October.

New rules were announced in August.

belavia baggage allowance

Changes apply to checked baggage and switch limits from the “weight concept” to “piece concept”.

From now on business class passengers can carry 2 pieces weighing a maximum of 32 kilos (previously – 30kg). Passengers in the economy class are allowed one piece of 23 kilos maximum (previously – 20kg).

Hand baggage allowance limits remain the same: up to 12kg of carry-on baggage for business class and 8kg for economy.

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Another change concerns excess baggage fees. Belavia will charge 50 euros for excess weight or each excess piece of luggage in the economy class.

In other words, in case an economy class passenger has two bags of 10kg each, they will either have to re-pack the luggage in one bag or pay a fee of 50 euros.

Similarly, in case the suitcase of an the economy class passenger weighs from 24 to 32 kilograms, they will also be charged extra fee.

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According to Belavia, new rules help passengers save money when they have overweight or need to carry a second suitcase.

“For example, carrying another bag of 23 kilograms in addition to the checked baggage will be much cheaper than before when the charge of one excess kilogram could reach up to 8 euros depending on the direction,” the airline’s General Director Anatoly Gusarov said.

Baggage allowance limits for 2 y.o. and older children are the same as for adults.

Source: TUT.BY