No Baggage? Pay Less! Belavia Offers Reduced Fares For Passengers

Budget-conscious travellers can now take advantage of cheaper flights with Belavia Belarusian Airlines new cheaper fare options – all they have to do is to fly with less baggage.

Belavia passengers will be able to choose from airfares – whether to fly with/without luggage, with one or several bags, with/without an option to change or cancel a booking.

Each option will affect the ticket price. The new system will become operative in November, the precise date is yet unknown.

belavia tickets fees fares charges

At the moment, Belavia provides fares automatically shaped by the demand for each particular flight. When the demand is high, the system shuts down cheaper options. Besides, baggage is automatically included in the ticket price according to the economy class fare for 23kg.

“If a passenger is flying without baggage, he’ll pay a minimum fare. If he does have a suitcase, it will be a different fare. If he’s not sure he’ll fly precisely on that date or might change it, he’ll buy a ticket from the third or the fourth group,” Anatoly Gusarov, the airline’s general director, explained.

It isn’t the only change that the airline has recently announced to keep up with travellers. This October Belavia has implemented a ticket option that includes seat selection for an additional cost.

This service is part of the gradual implementation of unbundled fares (which will allow the airline to offer lower fares) and moving away from its full-service business model.

Source: TUT.BY