Belavia May Introduce Baggage Free Rates To Lower Fares

Belavia-Belarusian Airline may launch hand baggage-only fares within half a year. At this time, there’s no corresponding legislation for the service in the country.

This was made known by Belarus’ Transport and Communications Minister Anatoly Sivak during a press conference on Tuesday, 23 October.

Belavia and baggage fees

“I can’t name a specific date but I think this will happen within the next six months. It takes time to amend the law,” the minister said.

The current situation in the country’s civil aviation is as follows: there is a national carrier Belavia, where baggage fee is included in the price of the ticket.

The Belarusian legislation does not allow the company to sell tickets without baggage fees included. However, there’s a general agreement on the introduction of such tickets in the future.

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“We expect that the air company will offer a certain amount of hand baggage-only fares for every flight. Belavia tickets will be at a ridiculous price,” Anatoly Sivak added.

In early October, the Ministry of Transport had reportedly initiated a bill to allow air carriers to sell non-refundable tickets without baggage.

This will significantly reduce the price of a ticket that can compete with the low-cost tickets. Now the document is under negotiation.

Low costs airlines

Traditionally, the absence of low-cost flights in Belarus was put on the table. According to the minister, the country is holding talks with such low-cost airlines like Ryanair and Wizzair.

REUTERS/Franciszek Mazur

But with no luck so far, the airlines don’t see the necessary air ridership in Belarus today. Besides, the country is not ready to subsidize their flights.

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“As is known, low-cost airlines want minimal and sometimes even free tariffs for the airport services. I see no reason to subsidize low-cost airlines.

Maybe other ministries, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Economy see it somehow differently, but our ministry has such a position.”

Source: TUT.BY