Miner Handcuffs Himself To Protest Election Results And Lawlessness

In Soligorsk, miner Yuriy Korzun handcuffed himself to mining equipment at his workplace and was going to stay in the mine until his demands were met, Belaruskali strike committee reports. Later he was uncuffed and taken to hospital.

In his message on Vk.com page, Korzun write that on 8 September he turned 42 and all his adult life he lived under the rule of Alexander Lukashenko. He is convinced that only workers of enterprises will be able to stop the legal default and start a peaceful dialogue.

minder handcuffs belaruskali

Photo: VKontakte / Yuri Korzun

“Today I made my choice. I start the protest at the working place in the face, the horizon – 305 m. I press STOP! I refuse to leave the mine until my demands are met. I demand to immediately stop the intimidation and dismissal of workers, release all members of the strike committee  who have been arrested, exclude the abduction of citizens of the republic by unknown persons, end physical violence against peaceful protesters, the resignation of the illegally holding the post of head of state Alexander Lukashenko.”

He also noted that he is taking this step in an even-tempered psychological state, and stresses that the protest is exclusively peaceful.

“I have no intentions to inflict physical injury on myself or others or to commit suicide,” he added.

“When We Work, We Sponsor Riot Police Who Shoot People.” Belaruskali On Strike

According to the strike committee, the head of the section and the chief engineer went to talk to the miner. At about 10 am, Korzun’s handcuffs were cut open, Yuri was sent to the hospital emergency room. A group of miners marched there to support him.

Commenting on the situation, Belaruskali published a message: “The incident occurred at the site for the extraction of technical salt during the preparation of the complex for work and did not affect the production process.”

Since the employee violated labor protection requirements by these actions, the mine rescuers took action and took Yuri Korzun out of the mine. The enterprise refused to give more detailed information on how the worker was released from the handcuffs and taken out of the mine.