Belarusians Will Be Repaying 75% Of Utility Costs In 2017 And 100% Next Year

zhirovka_29092016_tutby_brush_phsl_-6144Authorities are seeking ways to reduce the cost of housing and utility services, but tariffs will rise inevitably. This year Belarusians will be reimbursing 75% of utility costs, and 100% of utility costs in 2018, Belarusian TV has reported.

Housing and utility services will rise in price. The state promises to help the least financially stable households with special subsidies.

It was added that citizens can save up on utility costs if they install heat allocation meters on individual radiators and refuse garbage chutes in apartment buildings.

At present Belarusians are reimbursing 60% of housing and utility costs.

The increase of utility tariffs is one of the conditions of the loan from the IMF. In November 2016, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, once again expressed his disagreement with the IMF’s position.

“The IMF demands: make the population pay 75% today, 100%¬†tomorrow, and we will give you $3 billion. I respond: “If we make 100% today, tomorrow there be wild non-payments”. We need to move in careful steps”, the head of state said.