43% Belarusians Consider Russian Native Language, Only 3% Use Belarusian

Only 3% of Belarusian speak Belarusian. At the same time, 48% consider it native, while 43% name Russian their mother tongue, the latest statistics by the Information-Analytical center says.

In 2008, a little over half of the population (51%) named the Belarusian language their native. Ten years later only 48% said so. Meanwhile, the share of those who consider Russian their native language has increased from 35% to 43%.

Three years ago, 45% of citizens considere both Belarusian and Russian their native languages. Belarusian is considered native by the rural population (66% of respondents), Russian is chosen by city dwellers (47.5%).

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The study notes that 48% of the surveyed young people unequivocally choose Belarusian, 41.5% use Russian, and 8% both languages. From 49 to 78% of people generally use Russian in everyday life.

43.5% of the respondents, communicate in Trasianka, they speak it in shops, vehicles, at work, with friends, and at home. Interestingly, 49% of Belarusians equally use both Russian and Trasianka at home, only 3.5% speak Belarusian.

18.5% of respondents said they read periodicals in the Belarusian language. These were residents of the Brest and Grodno regions, fewer people answered affirmatively to that question in Gomel and Mogilev regions.

Over the decade, the position of Russian (by 6%) and mixed Russian-Belarusian (by 4.5%) languages have strengthened in everyday communication.

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Only half of the respondents believe it is necessary to scale up the usage of Belarusian in Belarus, 44% of people spoke out against it. Among them, almost two thirds (64%) indicated the need for its greater integration into the education system and science.

A significant part (on average 42.5%) would like to see wider use of the Belarusian language in the media and the cultural sphere. 35% would support its usage in public administration, at home and child-rearing.

Every fifth (20%) would like to expand the use of the Belarusian language in the sphere of care and services.

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