Belarusians Demand To End Use Animals For Entertainment, Nature Ministry Approves

Back in 2017, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection suggested a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. The issue needs to be addressed at the legislative level – this is the department’s response to the petition, which was signed by 10,000 people.

10,000 people are against

In November 2019, an appeal to stop using animals as entertainment thus banning circuses and animal attractions was published on the petitions.by website.

ban animals use zoos circuses belarus

“Over 45 countries in the world fully or partially prohibit the use of animals in the entertainment industry. There are many reasons for this: the cruelty of the training methods, the inability to create appropriate conditions of detention and high mortality during transportation, the short lifespan of the ‘artists’, bad effects of such performances on the psyche of the younger generation,” the petition reads.

The authors of the petitions stress that during the tour the animals are forced to stay in small wagons for days, where most spend their whole lives in “free” time from rehearsals and performances. All tricks performed by animals are unnatural, and hooks, whips, sticks and stun guns are used for training.

The proposal was signed by 10, 420 people and sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources, which indicated in its reply that it supports the proposal but there is a “but”.

We need a law

The Ministry of Natural Resources explained that the issue of handling animals (both domestic and wild) in cultural and entertainment events (contact and mobile zoos, circuses) “does not belong to the field of conservation and sustainable use of the biological diversity of the animal world in natural ecological systems,” regulated by the law “On the animal world”.

Therefore, this issue must be resolved by developing the long-overdue law “On the treatment of animals.” The Ministry of Housing and Communal Services and members of parliament are responsible for this matter.

However, the agency indicated their stand on the issue: “In November 2017, the Ministry of Natural Resources submitted a number of specific proposals on the legal regulation of the issues of keeping pets and requirements for their treatment, as well as the ban on the use of wild animals in mobile zoos, menageries and circuses for cultural and entertainment events to the Ministry of Agriculture.”

Source: TUT.BY