Belarus Ranked 38th In World Ranking Of English Proficiency

According to the 2018 EF English Proficiency Index (EPI), Belarusians speak better English than their neighbors in the East and South.

Do you speak English?

A global study on English proficiency among non-native speakers has ranked Belarus 38th and put it in a moderate category.

Better than neighbors

Belarusians have a better command of spoken English when compared to Ukrainians and Russians. In the 2018 ranking, they have a proficiency score of 53.53. Meanwhile, Russia occupies 42nd place with 52,96 scores and Ukraine – 43rd with 52,86.

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This is the first time the country appeared on the annual index, which has been published for the eighth consecutive year. The EPI  took into account 1.3 million adults who are non-native English speakers, across 88 countries and regions.

Why Belarusians Don’t Speak Their Native Language?

Top and bottom

Actually, Europe remains the global leader in English proficiency. Eight of the top ten places are held by European countries.

belarus english language

The top ten include Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, South Africa, Luxembourg, Finland, Slovenia, and Germany.

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At the bottom of the ranking with a very low proficiency level are Libya, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Cambodia and Afghanistan.

Belarus has been recently included in a number of world rankings that show our country from different sides. To present a full picture of the day BelarusFeed collected all of them in one list.

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