2019 Report: Belarusians Speak Better English Than Russians And Ukrainians

According to the 2019 EF English Proficiency Index (EPI), Belarusians speak better English than their neighbours in the East and South.

A global study on English proficiency among non-native speakers from 100 countries has ranked Belarus 47th, placing it in a low proficiency category. The country slipped dramatically by nine spots compared to the last year. Interestingly, Minsk residents got in a moderate proficiency category.

english proficiency belarus minsk

Although there is not so much to brag about, the ranking shows Belarus is ahead of its neighbours in Russia and Ukraine. Belarusians can navigate an English-speaking country as a tourist, engage in small talk with colleagues and understand simple emails from colleagues.

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On the other hand, our neighbours in Lithuania (high proficiency) and Poland (very high proficiency) have a way better command of English. An average person there can use nuanced and appropriate language, read advanced texts with ease, negotiate a contract with a native English speaker, make a presentation at work, understand TV shows and read a newspaper

The company’s 2019 ranking is based on the results of an online proficiency exam in reading and listening taken by 2.3 million people worldwide. It placed the Netherlands No. 1 in the world, while Singapore topped the Asian rankings. The country with the lowest English proficiency is Libya, followed by Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.