Belarusians Show Off Unbelievably Huge Veggies From Their Gardens

There are vegetables, and then there are gigantic vegetables. Onions, cucumbers, leafy greens… no vegetable is off limits when Belarusians are involved.

The beasts of nature from Belarus.

When summer comes to an end and autumn opens the season of harvest, gardeners from all over the country are ready to show and share the fruits of their labour.

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Turns out this year was pretty rewarding for many Belarusians. And incredible amounts of time spent at their gardens and dachas paid back generously. Let’s have a look at some massive veggies, shall we?

The one-meter cucumber that can easily compete with some snakes

The pumpkin that could double as Cinderella’s carriage

Get ready for pasta literally swimming in tomato sauce

It’s more like a big boulder than anything you would ever think you could eat

Someone lucky is going to have one kilo and 75 grams of French fries or draniks

The 500-gram onions that will definitely make you cry for hours

Is it a swan or is it a saxophone? They say these are cabbages but we are still not persuaded

What are these green beasts? Look like geese to us, they are not particularly huge but still outstanding

The cabbage you could curl up in like a 10kg leafy nest

Meet a ‘Cry me a river’ onion from Braslav region