About 6,000 Belarusians Got Permanent Residency Abroad In 2018

In 2018, about 5,000-6,000 Belarusians submitted documents for moving abroad, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

Despite the fact that over the years the figure remains almost the same, statistics on the number of non-registered migrants is not available.

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“There is a so-called latent migration. While registered in Belarus, people go to other countries to study or for family reunification.

At the same time, due to a number of circumstances, some of them prefer to remain residents of Belarus,” said Aleksey Begun, the Head of the Department for Citizenship and Migration.

Who wants to name Belarus home?

Meanwhile, approximately 1,100 foreigners applied for citizenship in Belarus this year, of them are 250 stateless persons.

These are, mainly, representatives of Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia. A small number of people came from non-CIS countries – Syria and Yemen.

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Recall that last year up to 52,000 Belarusians received a residence permit in the European Union (EU). Most of them (42,756) were given for Belarusian citizens living in Poland.

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Employment reasons accounted for almost half of all first residence permits issued, that is 26,583 people. Family reasons were taken into account for 2,994 people and education reasons for 1,968 people.